API Reference

Overview of all operations in this API

Operation Description
Add a profile to the distributor Add a profile to the distributor
Add consumers to a profile Add multiple consumers to a profile
Add/edit article Add or edit an article by supplying the entire OR partial document. When you supply the '_id' parameter it will try to update the given article.
Adds a consumer to a profile This operation will add a consumer to the profile.
Article validation Validates an article without executing an action.
Deletes consumers from profile Removes consumers from the profile
List all articles Get all accessible articles
List all consumers by profile List all consumers by a profile
List all the lists Get all the code lists
List authorised leveranciers from the consumer Get all leveranciers for which the consumer is authorised.
List codes associated with list Get the codes associated with the this list
List profiles from the consumer Get all profiles by consumer name
List users that are marked as consumer This operations fetches all users that are marked as consumer.
Search articles Search for accessible articles that match the given conditions